INTRODUCTION TO Perspex Online – Vehicle Fit Out Assemblies

Perspex Online on the Gold Coast have been designing & innovating new and exciting products in thermoplastics for the Bus, Special Vehicle & Truck Sleeper Cabin manufacturers for over 20 years.  of colours and textured finishes.

Perspex Online can supply the whole unit in parts OR as a fully assembled unit with locks, hinges etc. to your drawings. They are then ready to be installed into your vehicle or sleeper cabin. We can manufacture part off or the complete unit.

By using a modern plant & current technologies we can manufacture a diversity of products using CNC single & twin skin vacuum forming technology, CNC Laser, Router & Water jet cutting & Laser Etching to produce some very complex components to suit many applications.
All our 3D tooling is designed and made in house to ensure all components fit together on assembly.

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MATERIALS: There is a range of thermo-plastic engineering materials to choose from including ASA, ABS & Kydex to name a few. There is also a choice of surface textures to choose from.

Perspex Online have a knowledgeable team of technicians, who can assist you with the design of your product using thermoplastic materials combined with Aluminium, Aluminium composite materials & Stainless Steel for added strength and durability.

Advantages of Thermoplastics are that they have UV protection, come in a range of colours and surface finishes, can be vacuum formed with rounded corners for safety, have a long service life, are up to 50% lighter & they are recyclable, which is now becoming a key issue with all manufacturers.

We also do general fabrication of acrylic, polyethene & polycarbonate products for Signage, Point of Sale Displays & Marine components.

If you have a project or want to discuss replacing some components with thermoplastics, please call us for an appointment.

We will show you a whole new way of thinking about the application of plastics.